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Boat trips to see whales at Kaikoura are well publicised as must-do activities, and draw large numbers of tourists. I usually focus on less crowded attractions, but fancied the idea of seeing whales along such a beautiful bit of New Zealand's coast - so I did the boat trip to see if the hype was skayra.com://skayra.com Enjoy breathtaking Whale Watching with Whale Watch Kaikoura in the afternoon.

This full day tour includes a scenic drive from Christchurch over the Canterbury plains before arriving in the majestic seaside village of Kaikoura. Once in Kaikoura we will make our way to a lookout. Close menu. · Whale Watch Kaikoura is known to be one of the best chances in the world to spot marine life.

Whale Watch Kaikoura

Here you can find our story of spotting whales with whale watch Kaikoura. We are a traveling couple, blogging all of our adventures on this website. Come join us now!skayra.com Est.Air Kaikoura Aero Club offers the best value whale flights in Kaikoura, with a a perfect safety record and an excellent success rate at viewing whales in our fixed wing aircraft.

Let Air Kaikoura show you that 'there's more to a whale, than just a tail'.skayra.com The rapid growth of the number of whale watching trips and the size of vessel used to watch whales may affect whale behavior, migratory patterns and breeding cycles.

Whale Watch Kaikoura - The Whaleway Station, Whaleway Road, Kaikoura, New Zealand - Rated based on Reviews "We had a really lucky trip and /5().

Whale watch kaikoura
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