Six sigma at 3m

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3M - Lean Six Sigma and Sustainability

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Case Studies

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3M and Six Sigma: Amazing Results. Since the early ’s the 3M company has surged ahead of the pack using Six Sigma methodologies to achieve impressive goals.

3M – Six Sigma

Their efforts have drawn recognition from the EPA and secured other industry awards. "The Six Sigma process killed innovation at 3M," said Nicholson. "Initially what would happen in 3M with Six Sigma people, they would say they need a five-year business plan for [a new idea].

Jun 10,  · Defenders of Six Sigma at 3M claim that a more systematic new-product introduction process allows innovations to get to market faster. But Fry, the Post-it note inventor, disagrees. 3M proved that Six Sigma best practices can save companies money.

If the processes are implemented appropriately, companies become more efficient, productive & profitable.

Case Studies

The Six Sigma Program at 3M 3M’s annual report included the following paragraphs praising the virtues of the Six Sigma program: Process Improvement: Process improvement means nothing if it doesn’t lower costs, increase sales, satisfy customers, develop managers, increase cash flow and.

To add, a recently rugged organization like 3M made hungry for innovation by years of Six Sigma creative starvation, and with increased morale and hope for the future has been able to somewhat come back from a group-think Six Sigma mentality.

Six sigma at 3m
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