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The Fourth International Professional Forum “BOOK. CULTURE. EDUCATION. INNOVATIONS” (“Crimea 2018”)

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PhD dissertations The following 58 PhD dissertations were harvested from the Proquest database "Dissertations and Theses." Search in the "Subject" field did not serve the purpose of this bibliography too well because the subject terms provided in the database were too broad.

Known colloquially as Shaninka, after British sociologist Theodor Shanin who founded it inthe school routinely tops Russian university rankings and launches its students into prestigious careers at home and abroad.

May 22,  · Just in the past month, copy-and-pasting has been discovered in the dissertations of the deputy finance minister of the Russian republic of Mordovia and a. Dissertation CIS - large scientific information resource on which the big catalogue of dissertations, writing dissertation, dissertation topics, dissertation proposal, phd dissertation.

SCIENCES. Russian | Languages of the people of the Russian Federation. The Russian and East European Institute was established in at Indiana University. REEI is a US Department of Education-funded Title VI National Resource Center/FLAS Center for.

The Craziest Black Market in Russia Isn’t for Oil or Guns. It’s for Dissertations.

Harvard affiliates may access full electronic texts of dissertations through ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database after logging in with Harvard ID and password. The database can also be accessed through Harvard Library's Search & Find page.

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