Qantas core competencies

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Qantas Core Competencies

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Qantas Core Competencies

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Qantas is experiencing difficulties in terms of cost structure. CEO Alan Joyce has sought to overcome these difficulties by way of a move to off-shore many of Qantas’s key activities, as well as moving the airline into domestic operations in other countries, particularly in South East Asia.

Qantas has remained strong by applying their core competencies like their two-brand strategy and their service diversity. To survive in both the global and domestic markets, the Qantas Group need to establish efficient strategies to maintain the firm position in aviation.

Suitable candidates for positions at oMC will possess the following core competencies: · Self-starter with natural leadership and coaching abilities. · Strong planning and organisational skills, preferably with solid experience in a commercial or operational environment.

JetStar by Steve Lim.

Strategic Management – Group report: Qantas case study analysis

No description by Ee Heng Lim () To be covered: Introduction Core competencies Underlying JetStar Strategies Jetstar Internationalization Entry modes Risks But why?! Core competencies: Qantas purchasing Power and effective networking scheduling flexibilities.

- fuel hedging, gov. lobbying, acquisition of. Competitive Intelligence Final Report costs, only average margins in the core business (passenger carriage), uncertain industry Qantas retaliated by launching budget carrier, JetStar. Since then, Virgin has tried to reposition both its target segment and its brand personality.

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Qantas core competencies
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