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Rotational Molding

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Gough Plastics

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Bye Bye Plastic Bags #bambi. Posted by Maria Furtwängler on Thursday, November 16, Conversation with Melati Wijsen. Conversation with Melati Wijsen, Co-Founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags.

Posted by International Monetary Fund on Thursday, October 11, IPL Plastics is a leading sustainable packaging solutions provider growing at a faster pace than its underlying markets.

We manufacture specialty packaging products used primarily in the food, consumer, agricultural, logistics and environmental end-markets.


The. Get served with plastics injection molding polymers tooling product design project management and more services from Shaily Engineering Plastics Limited based in India. And no, they are not.” PETG flakes, when recycled, end up glomming on to PET flake to create clumps that disrupt processes and equipment.

Gough Plastics

“PETG is a copolymer. Forty years ago, anything made of plastic was considered “cheap.” That’s certainly not true today when plastics are used in thousands of products ranging from computers, automobile parts and important medical equipment to toys, cookware, sports equipment, and even clothes.

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