Molecular weight of a condesable vapor

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Raoult's law

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Molecular Weight of a Condesable Vapor

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Vapor Pressure and Heat Evaporation Lab Report

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Set. The term vapor is often used to describe the gaseous form of a substance which exists as a liquid or a solid under ordinary circumstances.

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Be sure the foil cap is not wet from boiling water or condensed water vapor. Dry the neck of the flask, if necessary, keeping the foil cover on. Molecular Weight of a Condensable Vapor Let's experimentally determine the molecular weight of a condensable vapor. You need this equipment: 6-cm-square thin aluminum foil, barometer, mL graduated cylinder, mL flask, rubber band, Bunsen burner, iron ring, wire gauze, ring stand, pin, analytical balance, mL beaker, iron clamp.

AP Chemistry Period 1 Molecular Weight of a Condensable Vapor Lab Purpose: The purpose and objective of this lab was to find the molecular weight of a condensed vapor. Molecular Weight of a Condesable Vapor.

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Topics: Water, Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD) is a unique nanotechnology technique that allows for room temperature vapor deposition of organic and organometallic molecules. MVD technology enables the growth of ultra-thin films with a wide range of functionality on a broad spectrum of substrates.

If the vapor pressure of a mixture is lower than expected from Raoult's law, there is said to be a negative deviation. Negative deviations from Raoult's law arise when the forces between the particles in the mixture are stronger than the mean of the forces between the particles in the pure liquids.

Molecular weight of a condesable vapor
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