Library assignments

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Library Assignment

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Samples of library research assignments

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Library Assignments for RS101

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This is the introduction of the two assignments above.

Tareas Bibliotecarias para RS101

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Library/ Information Literacy Program/ + Share. Information Literacy Program. Assessment. Rubrics. College Wide Information Literacy Rubric, (PDF) First-Year Information Literacy Rubric (PDF) College and Departmental Information Literacy Assessments.

Multi-Class Assessment, (PDF).

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Library Assignments were first started and completed on 9 Augustthe same day that the Crystal Library was released. From 9 to 22 Augustthe Zurreal Research envelope was not available, and instead gave the following message.

Annotated Bibliographies Sample Assignment: Prepare an annotated bibliography about your chosen topic.

Samples of library research assignments

Find a specified number of sources. e.g. five sources (books, scholarly articles, and/or Websites.) Write brief evaluative. Guidelines for Successful Library Assignments. Librarians are available to work with you to design assignments that effectively use library resources and.

Library Assignments were first started and completed on 9 Augustthe same day that the Crystal Library was released. From 9 to 22 Augustthe Zurreal Research envelope was not available, and instead gave the following message. Library Assignments & Handouts.

Most of these documents are (portable document format). If you do not already have it installed on your computer, you can get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to .

Library assignments
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