Juvenile court proceedings

What is Juvenile Court?

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Juvenile Court: An Overview

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Constitutional Rights in Juvenile Cases

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SW, Kennedy, GA. Aug 24,  · Juvenile court is a court that handles cases involving individuals who are under the legal age of adulthood. This court handles delinquency cases, which are those in which a juvenile is accused of some type of crime.

General Juvenile Court Information.

Welcome to Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court: an Introduction for Kids and Families; Overview of the Juvenile Court A description of the types of cases the juvenile court handles.

The Pierce County Juvenile Court has exclusive jurisdiction over those juveniles within Pierce County who violate the criminal laws of this state or who are in need of protection and/or advocacy as a result of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

The Juvenile Court is a division of the Riverside Superior Court handling both dependency and delinquency matters. Juvenile Dependency Proceedings involve the protection of children who have been or are at risk of being abused, neglected, or abandoned.

Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Forms and Instructions To print a form, use the browser's print feature. How to Fill Out Revisable PDF Forms Format of Forms.

The following forms can be completed online and printed for submission to the court. General Juvenile Court Information. Juvenile Court: an Introduction for Kids and Families; Overview of the Juvenile Court A description of the types of cases the juvenile court .

Juvenile court proceedings
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What is Juvenile Court? (with pictures)