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Bank of China (Hong Kong)

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The Hong Kong Chapter to Initial Public Offerings 2nd edition deals with issues relating to: Introduction, The IPO process: steps, timing, parties and market practice, Regulatory architecture: overview of the regulators and key regulations, Public co. Hong Kong is a compelling listing and fundraising venue in Asia for companies seeking to go public and raise funds.

We open the door to a wide spectrum of industries and regions that include Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese companies as well as international companies with an Asian nexus.

MoFo Guide to Hong Kong IPOs (“Guide”) aims to help companies and their advisers successfully navigate this transition by providing a comprehensive overview of the iPo process in hong Kong, with an emphasis on listings on the Main Board of the hong Kong.

Investment Banking Hong Kong: How to Break In, How Recruiting Differs, the Most Common Deal Types, Work Hours, Culture, and More. D: + Email Joseph. Joseph specialises in tax field audits, tax dispute cases in Hong Kong and cross-border tax issues. His clients include listed companies in Hong Kong and overseas.

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Hong kong ipo guide
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