Holy orders

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The Sacrament of Holy Orders: Priests of the New Sacrifice

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The Sacrament of Holy Orders: Priests of the New Sacrifice

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holy order also Holy Order n. Ecclesiastical 1. often Holy Orders a. The sacrament or rite of ordination. b. The rank of an ordained Christian minister or priest.

2. See major order.

Holy orders in the Catholic Church

holy orders pl n 1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the sacrament or rite whereby a person is admitted to the Christian ministry 2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the grades of the. Catholic men who “take Holy Orders” receive a special sacrament called Holy Orders, which creates the hierarchy of deacon, priest, and bishop.

These men (who are ordained by a bishop by means of that sacrament) serve the spiritual needs of others in the Catholic Church.

All attacks on the priesthood of the Catholic Church thus go back to denial that the Holy Mass is a true sacrifice, entrusted by Christ to his Church, and ultimately to denial of any visible Church to which Christ entrusted his work as mediator and redeemer.

The sacrament of holy orders in the Catholic Church includes three orders: bishop, priest, and deacon. In the phrase "holy orders", the word "holy" simply means "set apart for some purpose." The word "order" designates an established civil body or corporation with a hierarchy, and ordination means legal incorporation into an order.

Orders, HOLY.—Order is the appropriate disposition of things equal and unequal, by giving each its proper place (St. August, "De civ. Del," XIX, xiii).Order primarily means a relation. It is used to designate that on which the relation is founded and thus generally. There are three levels of participation in the Sacrament of Holy Orders: as bishop, as priest (from presbyter, which is Greek for “elder”), and as deacon.

A bishop receives the fullness of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. He is the head or Ordinary of the local church. The local area entrusted to .

Holy orders
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Catechism of the Catholic Church - The sacrament of Holy Orders