Fraternity involvement

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Fraternity & Sorority Life

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Fraternity and Sorority Life at UW-River Falls

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Fraternity and Sorority Life

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Currently our fraternity and sorority members have incredibly high levels of involvement within and outside of Greek Life, and the All-Greek average GPA is higher than the All-student GPA at UAB.

No matter the council or organization, fraternity and sorority life is an outstanding opportunity to make the most of your college experience. Personal relationships, the opportunity to provide service to the community, leadership development workshops & retreats, involvement in campus life, and planned social activities are all important aspects of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Fraternity & Sorority Involvement Who We Are Fraternities and sororities are an established tradition on the University of Montana campus, dating back over years. The mission of the Washburn fraternity and sorority community, in conjunction with Student Activities & Greek Life, is committed to the development of life-long membership, strengthening the character of the individual and promoting excellence, while preparing members for a competitive global environment.

Office of Student Involvement. Fraternity and sorority life provides opportunities for leadership, scholastic support, networking, community service, and philanthropy.

Fraternity and Sorority Involvement, Social Influences, and Alcohol Use Among College Students

Fraternity men and sorority women are some of the most active leaders on campus, and can introduce you to a multitude. The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life at the University of Louisville oversees 33 chapters of national and international fraternities and sororities.

The office assists fraternity and sorority chapters in maintaining local and national requirements as well as serves as a liaison between collegiate chapters, alumni, parents, and the university.

Fraternity involvement
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Fraternity and Sorority Involvement