Ethno nationalist terrorism

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Nationalists pose bigger threat than al-Qaeda

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Ethnic nationalism

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The Kurdish had never ran to get torpedoed from the Turkish rule until the s. For him, without turning, armed resistance they did not have written to make a revolution. Ethno-Nationalist Terrorism What is ethnicity? • Characteristics that are very difficult and, in some cases, impossible to change • Language, religion, skin color, geographical location, and social class • Provides order, meaning, identity • Commonly used in politics around the world • So can religious terrorism count as ethnic terrorism?

What is nationalism?

Nationalists pose bigger threat than al-Qaeda

of terrorism based on its source, along with state, religion, protest, and pathol-ogy (Ahmed 3). However, since this paper only examines ethnonational terrorism, the sole motivation of interest here is ethnonational autonomy.

2 Ethnonational Terrorism The previous section dealt with creating an acceptable definition of terrorism – the action. ETHNO-NATIONALISTIC TERRORISM "A nation's honor is dearer than a nation's comfort." This last form has become a dominant model of terrorism in the 21st Century, and is called ethno-nationalist terrorism, or more simply, ethnoterrorism.

Ethnic identity has some unique sociological characteristics. How is ‘ethno-nationalist’ terrorism distinguished from other forms of terrorism? Does an ethno-nationalist terrorist threat require a different response to other forms? Answer these questions with appeal to a) theories and concepts of terrorism, and b) a case study of.

Does an ethno-nationalist terrorist threat require a different response to other forms? Answer these questions with appeal to a) theories and concepts of terrorism, and b) a case study of one terrorist group that has ‘ethno-nationalist’ characteristics.

M29 1 Perspectives on Ethno-Nationalist/Separatist Terrorism Conflict Studies Research Centre ISBN May Perspectives On Ethno-Nationalist/Separatist.

Ethno nationalist terrorism
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