Emerging employee retention strategies in it

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Emerging Trends in Employee Retention Strategies in a Globalizing

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Retention Strategies - Definition and its Components

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10 Common Themes in Health Care Leaders' Strategies While health reform could throw health systems a curveball, most will stay the course. Aug 20,  · Many studies on retention agree on what influences employees to stay: meaningful, challenging work a chance to grow and learn a good work environment recognition and respect.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | Emerging Trends in Employee Retention Strategies in a Globalizing Economy: Nigeria in Focus | This study explores the emerging trends in employee retention strategies in a globalizing economy, with a focus on Nigeria.

As the Chief Talent Officer for DRT Strategies, Inc., Dave Potts leads DRT’s talent management, workforce planning, and human resource functions. He is responsible for attracting, developing, and retaining the best and brightest available talent, improving the employee experience and making DRT a top employer of choice.

Retention Strategy generally includes a plan for redressing employee grievances and ways and means to address employee issues. Employee Retention strategies followed by the organizations are discussed in detail.

Emerging employee retention strategies in it
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A Comprehensive Guide to Employee Engagement