Country towns by kenneth slessor

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Orange, New South Wales

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Kenneth Slessor

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Country Towns

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Orange is a city in the Central West region of New South Wales, is kilometres ( mi) west of the state capital, Sydney [ kilometres ( mi) on a great circle], at an altitude of metres (2, ft). Orange had an estimated urban population of 39, as of June making the city a significant regional centre.

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Register now for. Country towns, with your willows and squares, And farmers bouncing on barrel mares To public houses of yellow wood With '' over their doors, And that mysterious race of Hogans Which always keeps the General Stores. At the School of Arts, a broadsheet lies Sprayed with the sarcasm of flies: 'The Great Golightly Family Of Entertainers.

I learnt 'Country Towns' at school in Sydney, and now, 40 years later I Googled it because the words were lurking in the back of my mind.

Country Towns

I live abroad now. When I think of Australia, for me the best bits are beaches and sleepy country towns. More by Kenneth Slessor.

Country towns by kenneth slessor
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