Coshh awarness

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COSHH Awareness Course

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Under the COSHH Regulations, employers must provide sufficient information, instruction and training. COSHH Awareness Training Course The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations are commonly referred to as COSHH. Under COSHH regulations it is the responsibility of all companies, organisations and employers to undertake a risk assessment of the risks to health and safety posed by substances under their control.

Jun 07,  · Why do your employees need COSHH awareness training? Posted on June 7, at am. When chemicals or other hazardous substances are used at work it can put people’s health at risk, therefore employers are required to control exposure to hazardous substances to prevent ill health.

This COSHH Awareness elearning training course has been developed to provide those working with or around hazardous substances, with an understanding of the types of hazardous substances that they may come into contact with, the potential health hazards and the controls required to reduce risk.

COSHH Awareness by training specialists Creative Learning Solutions, addresses the risks posed by potentially hazardous substances in the workplace and provides practical advice on how these can be managed safely by employers and employees who may come into contact with them.

The COSHH Awareness course is aimed at people who deal with hazardous substances on a day to day basis. Delegates will be briefed on the importance of procedures, safe handling and risk assessment of hazardous substances within their organisation.

Coshh awarness
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