Chemistry of natural waters

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The Chemistry of Natural Waters

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Physical Chemistry of Natural Waters explores how thebasic concepts of physical chemistry can be used to understand thechemistry of natural waters, with most of Author: Frank J. Millero. 1 Chemistry of Natural Waters Chapter 10 1 Terminologies Aquatic chemistry Hydrology = study of water Branches: Limnology Oceanography Mostly natural water (vs.

water processed by humans). To understand a chemical's fate, chemists need a basic understanding of the chemistry of natural waters (e.g., atmospheric water, groundwater, and surface waters—fresh and salt), especially the physical, chemical, and biological processes to which chemicals are exposed.

In this section, the natural processes that involve these substances in natural waters are analyzed. The CCarbonate System The acid—base chemistry of many natural water systems, including both rivers and lakes, is dominated by the interaction of the carbonate ion, C^, a moderately strong base, with the weak acid H2C03, carbonic acid.

INTRODUCTION PREVIOUS papers of this series have discussed some of the fundamental ionic relation- ships arising in the inorganic chemistry of natural waters and various related technical parameters of importance in water chemistry.

To understand a chemical's fate, chemists need a basic understanding of the chemistry of natural waters (e.g., atmospheric water, groundwater, and surface waters—fresh and salt), especially the physical, chemical, and biological processes to which chemicals are exposed.

Chemistry of natural waters
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