Audit expectations gap

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What is Expectation gap in auditing?

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Curious to Gupta,there is a shining feeling amongst the users and links that independent audit is not involving its perceived objectives fully. Lancashire Journal of Punctuation Management, 5 21. The expectations gap is an issue for auditors as a greater “expectations gap” would lead to lower credibility, earning potential and prestige associated with their work.


audit expectation gap

The gap between the role of an auditor, as perceived by the auditor, and the expectations of the users of financial statements. It may be subdivided into a gap in communications and a gap in performance.

audit expectation gap

AUDIT EXPECTATION GAP The phrase "Audit Expectations Gap" was first introduced into the literature over thirty five years ago, by Liggio (), under the Cohen was defined as the difference between the levels of expected performance "as envisioned by the independent accountant and by the user of financial statements" The term ‘expectation gap’ is commonly utilized to.

Another audit expectations gap relates to information about the audit (Information Gap).

Stakeholders and market participants may need or want more information about the audit and the results of the audit, the nature and extent of the audit procedures performed, and the quality of the audit.

AUDITS get noticed only when things go wrong. Last week British MPs issued a scathing attack on KPMG, an auditor, for failing to avert the collapse of Carillion, a contracting company. South African authorities are looking into Deloitte’s audit of Steinhoff, a retailer.

AUDIT REASONABLENESS EXPECTATION GAP: USERS’ PERCEPTION IN NIGERIA Dr. Austine O. Enofe Department of Accounting, University of Benin, Nigeria Dr.

Chijioke Oscar Mgbame Department of Accounting, University of Benin, Nigeria Edosa Joshua Aronmwan Department of Accounting, University of Benin, Nigeria Ivie Eloghosa Ogbeide Department of Accounting, University of Benin, Nigeria.

What is Expectation gap in auditing? Audit expectations gap
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