An explication of sonnet 30 remembrance

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Shakespeare's Sonnets

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Vain man, said she, that doest in memory assay A mortal thing so to understand, For I myself shall like to this list, And eek my name be boycotted out likewise. In Sonnet 30, Shakespeare pays a glorious tribute to the his friend -- and likely his lover -- whom many believe to be the Earl of Southampton.

The young man is. Shakespeare's Sonnet 29 has as its meaning the fact that the love of another can make all the difference to a person.

This fact is summed in the heroic couplet at the sonnet's end. Shakespeare Sonnet 27 analysis, This sonnet deals with the subject of the absent lover who can't sleep or if he sleeps, he dreams of his beloved.

He can't find rest or happiness apart from her whether awake or asleep. In the first quatrain Shakespeare writes about his beloved who is absent and how he has been left in bitter and painful state.

Fire and Ice: An Analysis of "Sonnet 30" "Sonnet 30" by Edmund Spenser, is a poem about a man's desire to be with a woman who has no interest in him. This sonnet comes from Spenser's Amoretti, a collection of eighty-nine poems believed to commemorate the courtship and eventual marriage of his second wife, Elizabeth Boyle.


Sonnets 1–10

/ Ashamed sometimes thy beauties should remain / As yet unsung, sweet lady, in my rhyme; / When first I saw thee I recall the time. The fact that you now have my mistress isn’t the only reason I’m hurt, though it’s true that I loved her dearly.

What makes me cry the most is that now she has you, a loss of love that hurts me even more.

An explication of sonnet 30 remembrance
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